Learning to play the piano is so much more than just training the fingers. For thirty years Donna has combined her passion for playing piano and fervent belief in arts education into specialized and distinctive curricula for all who enter her studio. As students eagerly develop technical and reading skill at the piano, Donna masterfully crafts and incorporates into all lessons an engaging program of study including vitally related topics such as the performance experience, theoretical understanding, and global historic perspectives. Students develop a fully integrated view of their art in the world, enhancing their own artistry. Programs of study are structured to best nurture each student's talent. Through various instructional configurations such as private and group lessons, excursions to museums and art galleries, and week long studio residencies with leading guest artists, Donna is dedicated to providing the most conducive learning environment for each student.
All potential clients are encouraged to call or e-mail prior to enrolling to schedule a free consultation with Donna to determine the path that best matches your musical journey.
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  • “We send our children to Donna because she has high standards not only for her students, but for herself. I never imagined my children would have the level of musical knowledge and appreciation that they currently have. She is a great teacher, and has proven her talent continually in the years we have spent with her.”
    - Melissa Michaud
  • “Our daughter has been studying with Donna for six years. We have been impressed with the depth and breadth of her musical experience; she has learned much more than how to play the piano. Through group and camp activities, she has been immersed in music theory and history, all the while developing responsibility and accountability."
    - Steve and Angela Kramer
  • "As parents of several children who are very different from one another, we have been so impressed with Donna's ability to 'read' her students, and tailor her approach accordingly."
    - Parents of students studying
    at The Piano Place


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